Really, there’s more?

Yesterday morning our mother-in-law called to say the cows were outside the freshly completed fence and heading for the bulls and the road at the bottom of the pasture.  I said a few choice words as that section of fence was just completed last week.  Zeke and I went out to herd the cows back to their pasture.  Annmarie had to stop and help and Zeke needed a redo as he pushed the cows away from the gate while I was opening it.  Eventually, we prevailed and the cows ended up where they belonged.  I started looking at the fence trying to figure out how the cows got out.  I forgot to install one wooden stay near the apple tree so upon inspection I remembered why the stay was not installed.  There were two large sheep sized holes in the woven wire with four intact barb wire strands above it.  The cows had crawled through the fence!  I fixed the holes and added two stays to stiffen the fence.  The cows have not escaped since the fixit job. 

Egg with NO shell, just a membrane.

Sarah found this cool egg out in the chicken coop the other day.  It had no shell but an intact membrane.  Everything is there but the shell.  Pretty amazing.  We are still not getting very many eggs.  I counted chickens today there are 17 adult hens, 7 five month old babies and 1 rooster.  But I am still only getting 2 eggs a day.  I need to fix the chicken yard fence and then I am going to lock the chickens in the yard for a few days and see if the egg numbers don’t improve.  I just need to fill the waterer and fix the fence.  The babies should start laying next month.  I cleaned out the baby area today and bleached the walls and made a new sleeping stand.  I bleached all the food dishes and installed a heating lamp.  The babies should come next week from D&B, 2 dozen pullets.  Tonight I filled in the baby area with wood pellets and filled all the nesting boxes with fresh wood chips.  All in an attempt to get the girls to lay in the coop. 

I went outside to get some dirt to take to work.  We made elevated planter beds and I was supplying the dirt.  I went to hook up the trailer and noticed the electrical pigtail had been ripped off.  I rewired it (it still doesn’t work, I wasn’t sure what colors went where) and hooked it up to the pickup.  After three loads of dirt I noticed a new dent on the fenderwell on the left side.  After five loads I noticed the flat tire!  So I had to change the tire, using the handyman jack I almost could not get the tire up in the air.  Too much dirt in the trailer, I was hanging off the end of the bar to get the jack the last couple of inches.  I drove to work at a whopping 45 MPH, dropped off the trailer and took the pickup down to the shop.  I am having them fix the passenger mirror, tail lights, brakes, new shocks, transmission and it dies at idle for no reason.  They should call me on Monday with the damage.

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