Biting Fence.

Portable electric net fencing.

 The electric fence charger came yesterday.  We ordered an all in one unit designed and made for Premier fencing.  They do mostly sheep gear and are a working sheep farm.  Great products, worth the price.  This is a self contained solar charged electric fence charger with batteries, switch and clamps all in one heavy duty aluminum watertight box.  I wanted to hook it all up and see how it worked so I strung it out in the front yard.  Needless to say there were some issues. 

Solar powered with custom metal box.

 I did read the directions this time.  I had to finagle the fence around to get the extra strung out so that it was all off the ground.  I got it up, the charger on and the sheep in the yard.  I then waited to see what would happen.  The sheep would bump it and then jump 2-4 feet sideways.  The real trouble was all 50 sheep would shy.  I had a 20 foot tunnel that caused the sheep to bump someone into the fence.  The teenager panicked, typical teenager, and started running down the electrified fence.  Stupid idiot got physically tangled in the fence and ripped down 40 feet.  I had to run over and turn it off and physically unravel the lamb out of the fence.  I now have straight sections of fencing.  Zeke accidently hit the fence and you would have thought he got shot!  He squealed and ran away and followed me around for the next two hours.  The cat didn’t like it either, although she just yowled and jumped between the hot strands.  The sheep did get used to it but they are rough on it.  I need to put the charger on the opposite side of the fence away from the sheep.  They knocked off my cables once. 

Solar powered with batteries and fence generator self contained.

We took the pickup in to be serviced.  Not taking it to a shop for years kind of makes the little things pile up.  $2000 later it runs like a new vehicle!  I was quite surprised by the smoothness and having the passenger side mirror working again is a nice bonus. 

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