Vacation prelude.

I finished the next section of fence on the upper hillside.  It is definitely slow going when you do it alone.  Monica had been helping me but she is allergic to some weed up on the hillside and it keeps giving her hives.  So I finished stretching all the wire and installing the clips.  Once that was done I moved the temporary electric fence.  It took over 1.5 hours to get the fence down and back up.  It is hard to get the stakes in the ground on a rock hillside.  The available pasture almost doubled on the hillside.  We finally opened up the orchard again.  The three weeks with no sheep let it snap back nicely.  We also had to start watering already.  No rain for a few weeks.  I would like it to rain next week for a day or two.  So far it is just hot!

The new baby pullets showed up today, 18 blue Andalusian.  They lay white eggs and are supposed to be a nice chicken.  We have never had this type and I wanted to be able to tell the breed.  I went out today and collected 8 eggs but 4 were green and 2 were white, that means 14 hens only produced 2 brown eggs.  I am going to give them another week and then if the brown egg production doesn’t pick up then I am going to eliminate all 14 brown laying hens, leaving me with three adult hens, 8 teenagers (now laying) and 18 babies who won’t lay until December.  I will never get in the black for the year if I allow all the freeloaders to stay. 

The herbicide is working.  All the sprayed weeds are starting to wilt.  Another 2 weeks will tell the whole story.  In a couple of weeks I am hoping to set up the tire rim fence.  I have to put up some temporary panels first so I can move the one railroad tie, take down the existing fence and flatten the area.  Once the post has some time to settle in then I will get some help and we will stack the rims to form a fence.  After they in a visually appealing pattern I will get them welded together. 

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