Cheat grass season has begun.

Things have been very hectic around here lately so not a lot of work is getting done.  One of the major perils of having full time jobs and some family time.  The cheat grass is getting tall every where on the farm and starting to head out.  I needed to mow it but still had the hole auger on the tractor.  Monday I decided to drill the last few holes and switch out to the mower, no big deal.  Unfortunately, the holes were next to the road and two directions of buried telephone line. I had been delaying because I did not want to cut the telephone line (after cutting the one by our house in three separate places).  I nutted up and drove down to the corner to drill some holes.  I wasn’t one inch down when I caught the fence and snapped the safety bolt on the auger.  I took it as a sign that I was not supposed to dig and will put in a large rock crib for the corner support.  I snagged some huge rocks that were on the outside of the fence and stopping my mowing ability.  They were mower killers!  I used them to fill in a runoff ditch to cut down some erosion.  I wrestled the auger off and drug it over to it’s home in the old lamb barn.  It seemed heavier than when I put it on, could be because I had help installing it.
I was very careful to park the mower so it would be easy to put back on.  It took me an hour of cussing and swearing (there is a difference) to get it installed correctly.  Then I had to try it out to see if it still worked.  Now mind you earlier Annmarie had asked me to mow a path in the upper bottom for the electric fence.  So instead I played around in the barn lot and mowed cheat grass until she came out and hollered at me to mow a path.  They all went up on the hillside and brought the temporary electric fence down.  I had guesstimated the approximate distance for
the path then mowed a closer cross path.  The closer one was the ticket.  We installed the fence in the rain and the girls moved the sheep over to the barn lot.  I had added some wire paneling to the gate earlier so the sheep could not crawl under.  Everyone else ran inside out of the rain.  Four hours later I came in off the tractor.   I had put on a coat I thought was waterproof, it wasn’t.  When I could not stop shivering I finally came inside.  After an hour long hot shower I almost felt human.  On a plus note I finished mowing the barn lot.  I have about 16 more hours of mowing to do.

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