Cows are multiplying!

The cows have finally started to have their babies.  We were only a couple of months off on our prediction.  #1111 had her baby two days ago and it was a little boy.  #1161 had her baby yesterday and it was also a little boy.  The heifers stash the babies in the tall grass then wander off to eat.  They will leave them alone for a couple of hours at a time, just like deer.  I am not sure if commercial cows do this or not.  I got to pet #1111’s boy today and 1161’s but she was not happy with me and tried to lunge at me.  I had anticipated this and jumped around the railroad tie fence.  I only cut up my hand a little.  So we have decided to leave the cows to wander as the babies are doing well.  This weekend we will tag them and see if I can band them.  I didn’t reach around and cop a feel when I was petting the calf.  I will check this weekend.  The babies are very healthy and surprisingly big.  We expected them to be small but they really are not that small.  Certainly not half the size of a calf like their moms are half size cows.  This weekend I hope to get some mowing time and beat back some of the cheatgrass.

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