Planning again.

We have slowed down for the last week.  Annmarie is getting ready for a new school year at the college and Sarah has started her senior year in high school.  I have started planning an elevated garden for our 89 year old grandmother who lives in town.  Ruby has conceded that keeping up with 600 sq ft of weed opportunity is too much.  We are going to tear out a small nonproductive apple tree, rhubarb and some creeping thyme, cover it all with ground cloth, set out 8 various sized 2 feet tall stock tanks and fill the rest with pea gravel.  The hoe will be replaced with a gallon of roundup.  This project starts first of October.  So only five more weeks of roofing on the barn.  We are running out of money for the roof any ways.  I am going to spend this holiday weekend roofing.  I believe we can get half the roof done.  It will take another day to finish the cupola then three days of laying tin.  The cupola will have taken five days to build.  Not all those days were full days but they were days where I just could not be on the roof any longer.  

I have about two more days of fencing to throw in there also.  The bull is still getting out of the fences!  It is obvious he is lifting something because the sheep cannot get out.  I need to fix the lower orchard creek crossing and the ram pasture/barn lot dividing fence and that creek crossing fence.  The sheep are violating those holes also.  The fence is not doing its containment job.  

I did manage to get our new bathroom faucet and drain installed over the weekend.  The old one would shut the hot water to a trickle when it got too hot.  This new one works great and matches the bathtub fixtures.

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