Always something different

Day 5, one piece left on each side then other 2 sides!

It has been a long holiday weekend.  Jason and I worked on the cupola both Saturday and Sunday.  It was hot!  A nice overcast day would be nice.  On Sunday at lunch time Annmarie wanted us to start sprinklers.  So I changed out broken sprinkler heads on two sprinklers and tried to pump from the front creek.  With three sprinklers running we started to run out of water, so I shut one outlet valve, water level still dropping, so I shut another outlet valve, level still dropping so I throttled the last one down 50% and the creek level still dropped.  We cannot pump out of the front creek at this time.  There is only a small amount running.  So after Jason cut the same board three times and I threw it off the roof three times we called it quits on the roof for the day.  Instead we went to go look at the spring head up by the old chicken coop.  It does indeed have a cavern and it was all clogged up with grass and weeds.  We raked and shoveled the grass out till we got down to the area I could dredge with the tractor.  I dredged it and scooped out a few yards of foul smelling mud and dead weeds.  This is not pleasant work by any stretch of the imagination.  

I went out before dinner to get eggs and noticed that it was very dark due to a sudden storm having moved in.  My automatic chicken door had closed early locking several chickens outside the coop.  I had to chase the chickens around the coop three times before they would go inside the human door into the coop.  I have only been getting 3-4 eggs/day recently.  It finally dawned on me that the chicken light is out!  They are not getting enough light.  I will fix that very soon.  One of the horses got into the barb wire fence fighting with some other horses yesterday.  She tore up her front foot dorsal side pretty bad down near the hoof.  So I went and fixed the fence while Annmarie and her brother Mathew bandaged up Mahogony (horse).  She is now living in the front yard for the duration to limit her movement and keep her foot clean.  Annmarie is very worried that she will heal.  Time will tell, but the waiting is hard.  

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