2013 annual farm summary.

We had double our income from last year!  We sold $925 worth of sheep and $384 worth of eggs.   Our egg income was down 35% due to no one laying in the spring.  I started enough babies staggered out over months to keep this problem away hopefully this year.  

I have several categories so I will give a brief overview of each one and then my rounded expenses.  I am not going to add them all up so the numbers may not add up to my real total but it will be close enough for record keeping purposes.  
ANIMALS: This covers the baby chickens, medicine for the sheep and chickens, salt and supplements.  $527
FEED:  This covers all the chicken food, sheep grain and hay but last year we did not purchase any hay (animals $106, chickens $403). $509
GENERAL:  This covers the fencing supplies, gloves, safety gear, nails, clips, hardware for gates, locks for gates, hinges (labor $ 450). $1532
EQUIPMENT:  This covers pickup repair and upkeep.  $2094
VET:  This covers Zeke only, a laceration repair to his right foreleg.  $330
TRACTOR/SPRAYER:  This covers the tractor maintenance and fuel, mule fuel and sprayer repair and upkeep and herbicide (tractor fuel $100, spray $254).  $419
BUSINESS EXPENSE:  This is for a license renewal,some advertising of lambs for sale and our farm insurance we are required to keep now due to number of animals.  $1147
BARN IMPROVEMENTS:  This is for repairing the barn.  We repaired the old external northern milking extension wall.  I added two horse stalls, mostly finished siding on southern end, added one of two cupolas to the barn roof and started adding tin to the hay roof portion of the barn. (labor cost of $1200)  Total  $3637
Expense total:  $10,195 for the entire year.

GRAND TOTAL:  A loss of $8888.

That is a pretty accurate number as I was very good about keeping reciepts this year for everything.  
 We ate several sheep  for personal consumption.  We are now feeding seven cows and will be getting three more babies in 3-4 months.  In the fall we will be butchering cows.  I did not get as much done on the barn as I wanted.  Everything you do on the roof takes twice as long.  I will most likely need another three years to get the barn totally done.  Fencing has again become a priority.  I would like to get three more fences up, two new sections and a repair of an old existing fence.  I am starting to learn to not plan so extravagantly.  Concentrate on the items that make our life easier.  A true sorting pen for the cows would be nice but it is going to cost about $3500 so it will have to wait.  The fencing improvements will allow the cows to have more roaming space in winter and allow us to break the herd into a breeding herd and yearling herd.   So fencing improvements first.  

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