2013 Annual chicken financial summary.

 So here is the 2013 annual chicken production summary:  I only lost $96 for the year (not positive but if we purchased eggs at the market we would have spent more than that)  My annual income was $384 (almost $250 less than last year, all due to predators and me not starting chicks in the fall.),  My annual expenses $480.   I purchased 1350# of chicken feed for the year (200 more than last year all due to freeloaders).  My average laying hens for the year were 18.6 hens (currently only have 17 hens).  I collected on average 5.9 eggs/day (3 eggs/day less than last year) for a hen productivity of 31% for the year (9% less than last year).  The hens consumed 0.63 lbs of feed/egg produced (1/4 lb/egg more than last year!).   It cost me $0.20/egg in feed only (or $2.40/doz).  My actual cost per dozen with all expenses added is $3.30.  I charged $3/doz for eggs all year long. 

 I had to purchase another 2 batches of pullets, one in spring and another in fall.  I think I will use that model for a while, just buy fewer chicks at a time.  If I could just keep the automatic chicken door working all year I could virtually stem all the chicken killing by predators I had to send the door for repair once.  The chicken door guy sent me some spare parts so I am ready for another motor failure now.  I have 17 producing hens and 5 pullets that will be laying by April, and one rooster.  I will only get 8 babies this spring.  I will have to cull my two leghorns by fall.  The sheep got trapped in the chicken enclosure a couple of times last year.  They leap at the fence and bounce off.  I have a couple of sheep sized holes to repair.  Annmarie is still not a fan of the chickens but she has become a fresh egg snob when it comes to eating them and cooking with them!   She still won’t eat a fried egg.  Everyone always asks if the eggs are safe.  I tell them my wife eats one raw every morning in her fruit/yogurt smoothie and she has never been ill.  She is in charge of quality control.  

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