Chickens layeth!

We are getting eggs in droves!  Finally, they are laying  I think its a survival instinct, as in if they don’t hurry up and lay they are not going to survive.  A bunch of freeloaders for the last 8 weeks.  I still have not fixed the automatic chicken door.  I know, I was going to do it but then fencing took priority after the bull incident and with working a full time plus job my time is limited.  I pretty much work in crisis mode most of the time, fixing the immediate problems and squeezing in the projects when I can.  

I have not lost any chickens to predators yet so it is not a crisis!  We have a nice menagerie of egg colors again.  We are getting almost equal numbers of white, brown, and green eggs.  The white eggs are multiple shades of white to pink almost and the brown run the same way.  Some of the green eggs are almost blue or grayish green.  Quite the spread on color.  Our Blue Andalusion rooster is very pretty.  One of the better looking roosters we have had.  I did find some eggs in the barn in the sheep jugs but that hen seems to have given it up and is laying in the nesting boxes hopefully.  We are getting 14-16 eggs/day from 26 hens.  I am back to selling eggs faster than the chickens can lay.  Everyone at the flight company base is getting used to farm raised eggs and don’t want to eat the store bought ones any more.  I have not raised the prices yet.  I am having a hard time with deciding whether to go with $3.50/doz knowing most people won’t have change and I will have to start carrying it or just jumping to $4/doz.  Tough call, so in true fashion, I am just not making a decision.  Next time I am in the grocery store I will check out the prices again.  I am leaning toward $4/doz.  It makes every thing easier.  
Plus, I am going to have to dig out the coop after the spring rain is gone.  One more thing to add to the list..,

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