Granary almost gone.

Yes it was Easter Sunday today but I still had some chores that needed to be done so I stayed home. 
I went out in the morning and started spraying weeds again.  I used the wand yesterday when spraying the Roundup for better control of placement.  Today, I attached the 12 foot boom to the mule so I could spray 2-4-D.  I found my concentration from last year 8 cups of spray and 150 ml of foam in the blog!  It worked so well last year I am using it again this year.  I had about 13 gallons of 2-4-D left over from last year that was stored in the root cellar to prevent it from freezing.  I managed to spray almost 50 gallons of spray.  I have about 80% of the barn lot and 70% of the front/machine shop area sprayed.  I have at least four more days of spraying still.  I was turning around down near the creek and got sucked into a muddy area.  The mule is only two wheel drive and I got stuck.  I had to go get the tractor and chain onto the mule and pull it out.  I got the tractor and mule pinned down by the fence.  I had to unchain and reattach the tractor with a longer chain so I could pull the mule out of the creek instead of down the creek.  Once this was out I recommenced spraying weeds. 
I had to stop when Annmarie got home.  Jason came to finish tearing up the Granary.  He has it almost done.  The only odd part is there is this big chunk of concrete 2×4 feet where it looks like they had a wood stove inside the granary.  I will need to pull this out before we can fill the foundation with gravel.  I thought there would be a couple of feet of space under the floor.  Nope, the dirt layer was only about 6-8 inches in places and less in some.  I may dig out about 6-8 inches of dirt then get some gravel and fill in the entire foundation.  Eventually, I would like to put up another building to house the equipment in and put doors on each end so you can just drive through.  A gravel floor would be just fine.  I will have to put up a small fence to keep the horses and cows off of the foundation.  The horses were already climbing around in it tonight.  I saw some broad leaf plants starting to wilt already tonight!  I love the way 2-4-D is so visible.  I never made it to the upper prime squared field to see if my ditch worked.  I will try and make it up there this week.  My lower field clean out of the ditch is working very nice and water is now going all the way down to the school house and back into the back creek.  It has not been able to make it to the back creek in years.  This will be good for the entire lower pasture.  Hopefully, it will run all summer long. 
The water in the upper prime squared pasture could be a great thing for the animals.  The back creek is runoff and dries up during the summer.  If the new/old/running springs stay year round then I can safely lock the cows in any upper pasture and they will still have water!  Not having to fill water troughs or pump water is a very amazing thing.  We really do realize how lucky we are. 

Creek where mule got stuck.

Granary almost gone.

Mysterious concrete block.

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