Metal work.

Today was the day!  Jason came up this morning so we could tackle the scrap metal pile. We went around and dug through all six different metal piles down by the houses. We dug through each pile and Jason figured out what he wanted and we tossed the rest onto the trailer destined for the scrap yard. Once we had the trailer loaded we drove to the local scrap yard. It was quite the adventure. Two trips later and we had unloaded  almost 3k pounds of junk metal. Our time was running out for a third load so I opted to see if we could make my wheel fence dream come to life! 
We used the trailer bed as a template and laid wheels on their side until we had an acceptable pattern. Then threw in four extra smaller wheels in case we needed them. A tape measure to measure the fence width would have been handy. I pulled the trailer up at the far end of the fence and backed the trailer up the whole length. I only managed to tear off one small light off the trailer. After stacking the tires we wired the everything together and Jason welded them all together to form a solid wall. It turned out great!  I am very happy and can’t wait to get the other side.  I will be spraying this weekend and hopefully can do some more fencing.
Left side of driveway completed!  I love this fence. 

Jason at work welding fence, that is only a small fire and easily put out, reason why we are doing this now.

Scrap metal yard, he unloaded everything with the grapple or magnet.  Much easier than loading the trailer. 

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