The sheep out enjoying the back hillside.

Everything is still green.  Spring is not letting go, we just had another day of rain yesterday.  The back creek continues to run.  It is slowing down but I think it can hold out for a few more weeks.  The wheat fields look great.  Hopefully, it gradually warms up and gives the wheat time to form nice big heads.  

We had separated the bull and last years calves over into the barn lot.  The bull got out yesterday by opening a gate in the horse enclosure.  Unfortunately, this occurred during a rain storm.  I am not feeling well so the women had to go out in the rain with Gannon.   The bull went all the way past the schoolhouse to the road.  Unbeknownst, to him the bulls on the corner had been moved.  He was bellowing at no one.   This morning he got out again.  Annmarie and I got him in with the girls.  He opened another gate!  It has been bungee latched for years.  He pushed the gate open without breaking the bungee.  He did twist the hinges on the gate.  He is way too smart.  

The bull is very tolerant of the calves so we don’t expect any problems of that nature.  I finished mowing the cheatgrass in front of the houses and driveway yesterday.  We are going to let the mommas and babies hang out there also.  There is lots of food for every one.  
On Thursday, there was another swarm of honeybees out by the front bridge.  It only lasted twenty minutes then was gone.  I don’t know where it came from or where it went.  Our supposition is it is from the previous split of our dead barn hive.  This means there are two hives on the place now.  Where is anyone’s guess.  
I spent over three hours battling with the tractor to change out implements last week.  I finally got the right equipment attached.  Two days later I went in and ordered the quick connect system.  I am hoping to have that on in a couple of weeks.  Supposedly, I could trade out implements without ever getting off the tractor.  
I am still mowing the upper prime pasture.  The weeds are tall enough to knock down before spraying. Up by the new springs and swampland, I tried to mow but it was too wet.  The tractor kept sinking.  I tried to dig some trenching and only managed to get about twenty feet done.  After the fifth time getting stuck and having to push out with the bucket I called it quits.  
We are getting lots of eggs now that the egg eating possum is no more!
I need to continue mowing and get more 2-4-D onto the upper prime pasture.  I also want to put up some T posts so the leased hay field will have some borders and no equipment will be lost to the swamp.  I need to remeasure the new hay pasture but it will be almost nine acres I am guessing.  The swamp and running water will be on the animal side.  

As soon as it dries out I can start back in on the barn roof, first part of June I hope. 

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