Sheep goings on.

Barn sorting.

We went out today to catch up on the sheep.  They have just gotten out of control.  We tagged 15 sheep and banded five.  The worst part is Annmarie has not updated the spread sheet yet so I am not sure how many sheep we actually have.  Over 70 I know but not clear on the exact number.  Now that everyone has a tag she just needs to update the spreadsheet and we will know.  The tagging part is not too onerous, but another two weeks and I don’t think I could have banded the boys.  I almost waited too long.  I was able to make it work, it is definitely a learning curve and I am starting to get the hang of it!

Unfortunately, we tagged a brand new baby less than a few days old.  So there are more on the way!  We separated out 16 of the very pregnant ewes and the ram.  They are all now in the orchard.  This has not made any lambs happy.  No matter that they are all weaned already.  There is much noise and complaining going on all day about the separation.  This meant that the back half of the orchard fence had to be redone immediately.  Gannon and I tightened and added metal T posts and lowered the woven wire so the sheep could not crawl under the fence.  It looks good now.  So far no one has gotten in or out of the orchard. 

Sheep needing new home.

I have the upper, upper prime fence area all mowed and hopefully this week can get out there and mark the new fence line with string and stakes.  Once the string is up I will go along with a tape measure and spray paint and mark the T post locations.  As soon as school is out for Sarah she begins the two week timed conquest of the back water post dig.  She needs to pick ax, shovel and axe out tree branches so I can get a frost free into the back corner of the house.  I capped it off last fall after it broke and used a heat tape all winter to keep it from freezing.  We would actually like to use it as a faucet. 

I did have to replace a tire on the mule and will get back to spraying this week.  I still need to mow up on the hillside and kill the sage brush.  It is starting to spread and takeover the hillside.  The bull bent both gates he forced his way through so I will have to replace the one and bend the other one back into shape.  He is rough on fences when he wants to get through.

I had saved all three ram heads from last year’s culling after the butcher was done with them.  I kept them in the square pen on the ground so the bugs could clean the skull.  All the gates were closed to the pen.  I caught Zeke in there recently, the gate had been opened.  There was only one skull left.  I put it up on the fence so it would not get carried away.  Hoping to mount it on the barn by the end of this summer.

Sole winter survivor.

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