We are official.

I had to do it.  I went ahead and registered with the state for a scrapie ID number, OR04825, so we could sell live animals.  We have to tag any animal that leaves the place that is not going to the butcher or a feed lot basically.  It is a separate number and our scrapie number on the tag.  We also are supposed to track name and address and phone number of the people we sell animals.  So they can be contacted in the event of an outbreak.  Despite the fact that our breed is naturally resistant.  One more hoop to jump through but it needed to be done.  We have to add the contact section and our scrapie tag number to our tracking spreadsheet and maintain records for five years.  Luckily, this won’t be too hard for Annmarie to implement into our preexisting program.  We will only use the tags on the animals that meet the tagging criteria.  No sense in tagging them twice if we don’t need it. 

It is a dreary overcast day and it keeps raining off and on.  I used to hate these days, but after looking at the wheat I think it needs more water!  I had a lot of little things to catch up on inside the house so that is what I am doing.  The weeds need water also! 

After battling the sheep while sorting them, Annmarie went to premiere fencing and found a chute system that would work along our back wall. I like it!  So today I put up advertisements for the sheep at $50/each and the rolled pickup with perfect just tuned pickup that Sarah rolled.  1997 dodge 1500, automatic transmission, 4wd with 147 k miles, $1500 for entire pickup or $1000 if you take tires off and leave them.  I am hoping they leave the tires.  Between the pickup and sheep we can pay for the sorting chute system.  So here’s hoping Craigslist comes through for us. 

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