Sheep saga

Here I am again, behind on the blog!  I know I said I was going to do better, so this is my apology and I will “work” on it.  We are still trying to get rid of sheep.  So far we have sold or given away zero sheep.  We have fielded calls from five different people and have one reserved for late fall slaughter.  One person wanted forty sheep from 50-80#.  Ours are not all that heavy. We had a call yesterday from someone in California that wanted 150 sheep.  We don’t have that and if we did we would not be selling them for $50.  The price would be higher.  I still have four separated out in the barn lot.  We had someone call from Boise who was going to pass through town and wanted to come by and get 3-4 sheep.  So Zeke and I sorted out five sheep.  One of them managed to get through the fence, but the other four are still there.  They have been on their own for five days now.  I am going to put them back in with the herd soon.  I am trying to get them sold to a local friend.  This happened last time we used Craigslist, it sorta worked last time but for every ten calls only one pans out. 

We currently have two herds of sheep on the property and I don’t see that changing as long as we want to slaughter any females we need to keep the ram away from them so they do not become pregnant.  I have not started on the barn roof yet, soon, very soon. 

The pump is back in the front creek.  I tried to dam it up with a board, but I dug the bottom of the creek out too much so it kept going under my board.  I finally just took out the board.  I had dug the hole so deep I don’t need the board to dam it up.  It is working fine and we have been pouring water onto the orchard.  It looks great!  There is hardly any cheat grass or weeds.  Now if only the other pastures looked like that.  This saves our well system not having an extra load on it.  The back creek is no longer running.  It still has plenty of pools along its length but it is not running.  So the snow pack is gone.  I was hoping it would last until July.  Winter was so cold last year we lost all the wild blackberries.  It killed them down to the ground.  They are starting to make a slow comeback, but we have some large dead patches all over the farm.  The birds don’t seem to mind. 

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