Hay epic has begun.

First day progress
I want to thank my wife and Sean T from T25 fame for giving me the motivation to keep working out!
Last year, we moved 7 ton of hay with three people and I thought I was going to die.  I was sore for four days afterwards and couldn’t function for the first two.  This time around there were only two of us (Mr. President’s brother) and I.  We loaded 12 ton of hay in two days (15 hours).  All neat and tidy in the barn and ready for winter, 250 bales.  The horses had a great time today trying to eat grain only all day as we were unloading.  
I had the .243 just in case we saw any coyotes, we didn’t because I was prepared.  I did thin a rock chuck every day.  They hid after the first one of the day vanished.  We saw a small covey of baby pheasants and a baby deer today.  The bees were so thick in the thistles that the whole field was buzzing.  I am sure there is another hive out there somewhere.  Our hive in the barn has split twice already.  We are pretty happy with that.  I need to cover the access to the barn hive back up.  I may try sticking my phone in the wall and taking some pictures.  Last time I tried to get close pictures I got stung!  
We had a guy call and reserve 10 pregnant ewes.  He mailed us a deposit to hold them.  Our deal on the 43 sold fell through as the guy did not call back.  Tonight after my nap ( I said I could do it, not that I was not tired!), he called again and said he had lost his phone.  I told him there were 25 sheep left.  He said he would be here tomorrow.  Annmarie and I had to go out and sort the sheep.  We pulled off 8 ewes and four babies attached to those ewes.  There are 29-30 sheep left.  I called him back and said 29 sheep and if it’s 30 he can have it for free.  We sold five on Saturday. After next week we will have sold all our extras!  I will line up our lamb customers for next year in the late spring.  We will be selling lambs twice next year.  It will be great to get things under control.  We should have 10-15 tons of hay for sale next year also.  A hay elevator is on the list for next year!  Dragging bales to the top of the stack is tough work!  
As an added bonus it rained tonight and the hay was all in!
All done 12 ton in and ready for winter.

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