Barn roof progress

It has happened, I have started working on the barn roof again.  I have been hesitant to get on it due to the weather.  It rained yesterday so I tried to use the excuse that the roof might be wet.  Annmarie was not buying it and wanted me to make some progress.  Kelly, came over to help me and we started in on the roof.  I was trying to screw in steps on the roof, when Kelly came up with the idea of laying a ladder on the roof.  I was not open to the rope just securing it on the other side of the barn.  Instead, Kelly came up with the idea of using hay hooks in each side of the top rung and wired in place.  The hooks latch onto the gap at the peak of the roof and I can walk up and down the ladder and screw in the metal roofing without having to move the wooden steps all the time.  It works pretty good.  Much faster.  I am still wearing my harness the entire time.  The plan is to install the roof all the way over to the second cupola opening and then stop while we custom cut the cupola.  I don’t want to work over the slick tin while we install that. 
The wind picked up over 20 MPH and it got hard to work on the roof.  We moved down inside the barn after lunch.  I wanted to get the loft stairs built and installed so we cut both steps and installed them.  I am very happy.  Much progress was made and more help is coming tomorrow for a second day on the roof.  I am hoping to get past the existing cupola with tin. 
Kelly took a break to terrorize the rock chucks with his attempted elimination with the .243.  Three shots later and the rock chuck was still laughing as it dodged into its hole.  I was 2 for 2 with that gun before he touched it.  The steps are wonderful.  Kelly came up with making the outside edge flush so you don’t hit your head or body on the stairs as you walk by.  A great idea as I will be the one hitting my head. 
Barn Roof day 1, 2014

Stairs to upper loft.

Tractor traveling.

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