Barn roof day 2.

More progress was made yesterday. Mr. President is off for summer break from college and is back to helping me out on the farm.  We continued the tin adventure on the western side until it got so hot I thought I would melt.  Around 1300 we quit on the roof.  Moved down to the old milking enclosure  and worked on the siding.  Used the tractor to dig out the floor on the section that was ripped out.  I would like that all to be dirt eventually.  It was a tight fit and I had to remove the box blade so the tractor length was shorter.  

The green gate needs a new panel wired to it to prevent sheep from escaping but the hornets built a nest inside the pipe gate and we were out of spray so it had to wait. We moved inside and ripped out the overhang above the new stairs. While we were there we installed a new floor on the landing after tearing out the old one.  It was dry rotted 1×4 waiting to collapse at any moment.  I used the 2×6 tongue and groove that was used on the barn floor.  It is starting to get low but I think there is more than enough.  We attached a sheet of plywood to the back of the stairs and it stiffened them immensely. I have been thinking about a railing but not sure what I am going to use.  I am starting to get very sore.  Crawling around on the barn roof takes a lot of energy and muscles I am not used to moving.  

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