Barn roof day 4.

Future home of mom and baby pen inside barn.

It was day 4.  It was not better than day 3.  It was way worse!  The outside of both my hips feel like I was caned 20 times on each side.  It was pure agony going up the ladder to the roof.  I had to talk myself into putting on my safety gear and go up on the roof.  Once up on the roof, all I could think about was how I was going to fall off.  I had decided that it was too easy to just slide down the roof at a high velocity until my safety harness kicked in and left me dangling off the roof mere feet off the ground.  No, I was going to get wrapped up in the rope and flipped and turned on the way down, maybe break a leg or arm and go off the roof head first.  I did still envision the safety harness catching me a few feet off the ground.  It did not make my mission on the roof any less stressful.  We got one new panel installed and four old ones on the east side completed and a ridge cap over it all.  We are at the cupola and ready to begin work.  It was very hot and once the metal roofing started to burn my hands and arms through the leather gloves and my long sleeve shirt I climbed down.  It was only 0930. 

We went inside and started working on a new mom and baby pen that could be accessed without leaving the confines of the barn and had a route to the outside that did not involve trying to coax sheep past my new stairs.  Annmarie came out to the barn yesterday evening and we decided on a location and size.  Mr. President and I put it into place today.  We go the whole thing completed!  I love it when a project can be completed in a single day.  We attached two boards to the ceiling and the floor and one to the far wall to stabilize the pen.  We used an old gate that was on the milking addition to the barn that I removed last year when I rearranged the horse pens.  Plus, we were able to make the back gate long enough that when it opens up it blocks off the stairs.  No more loose sheep.  It worked out very nice.  Now I just need to figure out how to fix the handle on the grain bin and make a lid for the bin that holds an old turbinator  so I can just dump grain into the turbinator and it drops into the bin.  Which is why we needed the stairs so I can carry the bags up to the top. 

I was immensely grateful today when Mr. President informed me he had to work tomorrow.  No roof work for me!  Our sheep sorting chute system comes by semi truck tomorrow from 0900-1100.  Mr. President is coming out after his other job is over to help me load the chute materials into the barn, all 900 pounds. 

Completed mom and baby pen.

Double gates to outside of barn through pen.  This will be very handy for sorting sheep.

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