Barn roof day 3

It really has only been three days since we started working on the roof. My body thinks it has been at least a week, maybe two.  I was very stiff this morning, many unknown muscles were complaining as I strapped on my gear to conquer the roof.  After a few hours you just get numb. We worked on both sides of the barn today.  New tin on the steep side and recycled tin on the other side.  We called for lunch at 1300.  Once I climb off the roof I don’t go back up till the next day.  It was over 100 F today and it was even hotter on the roof.  I will have to wear a wide brimmed hat and a neck kerchief tomorrow.  I have already been wearing a long sleeve shirt.  It gets hot but all the scrapes and cuts quit appearing so it was a fair trade off. My cell phone is not cooperating. I disabled Siri a few months ago but she just just keeps coming back!  I lean the wrong way and she starts hollering from my pocket.  My phone is in an outer pocket on my work pants.  I ended up leg dialing two different people and I stopped and talked to Anna while she was on a walk outside in Alaska. I finally just killed the power on my cell phone so I could get some peace and quite. 
We finished up the metal gate by the old milking shed after lunch.  Added a wooden handrail to the stairs. Stiffened the stairs by attaching them securely at both ends. Annmarie came out and we discussed another area for mommas and babies since I added stairs to their old spot.  We will be adding another small pen inside the barn with two more gates and I need to get the lid on the grain bin and a working handle on the guillotine gate. The new pen will be our afternoon, too hot on tin roof project. 
West side, almost to cupola, one more sheet of tin.

Soon to be cupola.  I had to use a whole can of hornet spray just to get near the hole!

East side with some progress.

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