Dinner time.

Annmarie and I spent three hours trying to finesse the cows into the square pen.  They do not like the square pen, bad things happen to them there.  We kept Zeke under control and used him as a far away threat and it worked pretty good until we got down near the square pen.  We had to run them into the barn lot and then back into the square pen.  I am going to have to put a cross fence in the barn lot so we can do that every time.  One more chunk of fence to construct at some time in the not too distant future…

We left the bull in the back barn lot with free access to water and fed him a bale of hay.  That way he would be ready for the butcher.  Annmarie was going to be out of town and I was working so he needed to be easily accessible.  I happened to be there when the butcher came so I got to see him at work.  He is so fast!  The bull carcass looked really good at 13 months old and they called me later that day to say his carcass weight was 340 pounds, or half a normal beef carcass.  Exactly what we want, HALF!  The butcher kept out the tail, heart, liver, kidneys, and tongue for a friend who feeds their dogs an all natural diet.  Glad it can get used. 

I was out smoothing our driveway with the tractor when the semi truck delivery showed up with our sheep sorting chutes.  I helped with the tractor and it took about three minutes to get the load off the truck.  It had to sit out in the driveway for a week until I could get some free time, Mr. President could not unload some of the panels so it had to wait until today so I could help.

Wheat harvest was done last week.  It was the first year out of CRP and I was told the nitrogen load test was zero.  The club wheat only yielded 20 bushels/acre but it was not good around here in general.  So hopefully, next year will be better.

Soon to be dinnertime.

Sheep sorting chute.

Harvest in progress

Our first beef.

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