Barn inside work.

I keep meaning to get on the roof, but we had Ruby’s 90th birthday party so Mr. President and I worked inside for a few hours then went and finished cleaning up and putting away items.  We sold our medieval pavilion after the party.  We don’t use it and we had an interested party.  
We added a floor at the top of the barn loft stairs so I van load the grain chute easily.  I took one of the turbinators and chained it in place to act like a chute into the grain bin.  I just need to add some sheet metal to the openings so the mice cannot get in.  I am going to put in a couple of rails next to the dumping station as I did not extend the floor out that direction.  I don’t want to stumble off and fall eight feet onto a sheep jug.  I am sure I would not survive it unscathed.  
We added a see through wall at the far end of the barn. I still need to add a small 18 inch gate so the sheep will stay out of the dog area.  I ordered the missing gate from premiere last week and it should be here Thursday with the other wall holes.  At that point I can install the sorting chute.  Annmarie showed me how to angle the walls of the sorting chute so the sheep cannot turn around easily. I hope it keeps them from turning around at all.  Tomorrow the second cupola work begins as long as it doesn’t continue to rain throughout the night.  We had a weather alert today for severe thunderstorms with lightning, rain and wind over 60 mph.  We got it all.  

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