Barn roof day 8.

Barn roof view of the back hillside and my finger.


More progress on roof.

Mr. President and I went to town on the roof again today.  It went a little faster not having to work around the cupola.  It still takes time.  Lifting and moving the ladder while sitting on the peak of the roof is not easy.  We counted the new pieces of roofing and I am short two pieces.  I finished up around 1300 today and got down off the roof for lunch.  Zeke had been missing for last 1.5 hours and he was waiting for us in the yard.  He limped over for a hello.  I have no idea how he hurt himself.  He is always doing something.  Now he is under house arrest, a few days of imposed rest.  He will hate it.

I had to go get more small long roofing screws.  The only place I can find them is at Zimmerman’s in Pendleton.  Home Depot doesn’t even carry them.  I had to drive all the way to Hermiston to get a couple of pieces of roofing tin.  More flashing for the far end of the roof also.  Most importantly, I got nine cans of hornet/wasp spray.  I plan on waging war in the morning to take back the old house!  I think there are over 500 hornets living in the walls and eves of the old house.  Last year it was box elder bugs, this year yellow jackets.  It is always something. 

The 80 acre pasture was fertilized this week and should be planted late fall.  The upper prime pasture still looks very damp after being disced last week.  I am surprised how much moisture is still in the ground. 

Tomorrow is a day of rest as far as the barn is concerned.  My muscles ache all over from crawling around and reaching across a ladder.  I am going to mow the pastures and knock down some weeds.  Hopefully, make a dent in the sagebrush on the hillside.  Annmarie wants to go in first thing and get some deck furniture.  After that I will start mowing. 

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