Barn roof day 7.

Cupola finished!

Well, it is done, the cupola is finished.  We got it done yesterday.  All the siding is on and the most important part is the weathervane on top.  It is not really an optical illusion that the second cupola is smaller than the first.  I would like everyone to think it, but the second one is a foot shorter and a foot narrower on the short side.  It just kinda came out that way. 

I am having a hard time staying on the roof.  Once I crawl down off the roof it is hot and I don’t want to get back on.  I keep finding other things to do in the afternoon.  We tried to dig holes for the new gate in the lower pasture and could not do it.  It is dried out and hard.  We installed the hole auger on the tractor and took it down to the lower pasture and attempted to drill the holes again.  One foot, was all it would dig.  So we filled the holes with water a couple of times and I came back the next day and drilled all four holes in five minutes.  I spent an hour the day before attempting the holes.

New gate for the lower pasture.

I am hoping to get the gate up and the electric fence up so the cows can browse some of the lower pasture.  I may be able to use some of my upcoming vacation time to fix the lower outer fence.  I have all the supplies I just need to work on the fence and get it done.

We purchased a little lamby for the our weathervane.  Annmarie has now decided that we need another weathervane for the first cupola.  I told her it was going to be very hard to install.  She is still trying to figure out what figurine to purchase. 

Most important part of cupola!

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