Barn roof day 9

Morning view from the barn roof.


Inside of turbinator, leading into our grain storage bin.

Mr. President was late this morning.  We had a discussion last week about timeliness.  It has not really sunk in.  He was 45 minutes late this morning.  I know I am getting old now that I lament the youth of today!  Luckily for him and I, his greatest asset is his flexibility.  I need the help and he is good help. 

We had 250# of stock and stable and 250# of wheat for the animals.  We ended up pouring them in simultaneously to mix them as we filled the bin in the barn.  500# of grain barely made a dent.  I think the bin can hold 2000# of grain, more than enough to get us through a winter.  Now I just need to find it on sale and buy a whole winter supply at once.  I am on the lookout.  I need to cut a metal lid for the turbinator, a metal plate for the 6 inch vent and metal trim to go around the gap in the wood lid.  Hopefully, this will keep the mice out of the feed.  I think it is totally doable. 

We made great progress on the barn roof this morning.  I am sure it can be finished in two days.  We are going to hit it hard tomorrow and finish up on Tuesday.  I really, truly hope this will happen and I can be done with the roof!

Barn roof progress, only two days away.

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