Let loose the COWS!

I did it, I finished the fence enough to let the cows loose.  It only took me six hours and I am still not done.  I had to finish creating a level spot next to the fence. Now that I have a level spot I need to move  fifty feet of fence west three feet.  The old fence was falling down an embankment. I had to finish filling my metal rock crib with rocks. I then drove two metal T posts, thinking I was ready for wire.  Nope, had to trim some of the willow tree.  I had grabbed two sections of woven wire and had to use them both, I really only anticipated using one roll.

I stretched the woven wire and installed two smooth wire strands above that.  I don’t think a third strand is necessary.  I had to cut a panel to fit over the washout region. To combat the bull I attached a large rock to the middle of the washout region.  I know it’s not heavy enough but the large rock moving near his face might distract him while he is trying to manipulate the crossing. 
I also attached a cow panel over the vehicle culvert.  Here is hoping the bull cannot get through both sides.  I went down to the gate with my nephew and opened it up so the cows could go into the school house bottom. The cows were not interested so we chased them over by the gate, they ran right past.  They will figure it out eventually.   Once they see all that green grass I don’t expect them to leave that area for the next two months.  I still have to install the wooden stays between T posts and that new fifty feet of fence. Next week I do barn lot fence and start disking upper prime pasture.  It never ends!
My forearms look like I have been in a slasher movie.  My right rib cage has multiple cuts and punctures from pushing old wire out of with my body while trying to drive metal T posts.  I have a large scrape under my left knee from something not sure what. Best of all, I have a splinter under my right pinky nail. I cannot see it but the pain is starting to be unrelenting. The type of pain were amputation starts to sound like a viable option.  Maybe I did something bad in a previous life.  I feel like a participating member of the Spanish Inquisition.  

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