Fencing is moving along.

I had to move this fence three feet to actually get in on a fairly level spot. The soil behind the fence is all loose.  The ground had sloughed off over the years.  I have two more upper strands and it will be done. I still need to tighten and rework this fence line but for now it will last until next spring. 
Fence down by schoolhouse after leveling and moving onto solid ground.

This is the end piece on the old barley field. It has to be moved three feet on far end only. It was falling into the creek also.  The willows have made dams a couple of times and that let’s the water spread out  and do more damage. I think I can just reuse all the fence that is here.  I may have to splice in a four foot section. It’s coming along. I need to finish this up so I can move to the barn lot.  
Old cross fence, there is a one acre plot on corner that is not ours.  Still need to redo this fence.

I spent three hours discing the upper prime pasture.  I am about 2/3 done and once completed I will drag something over it to smooth it out and replant it.  I want to get the grass seed on it this fall. 
I took a coworker of Annmarie’s and his son buck hunting Saturday evening.  The son had never shot a buck.  I had a blast, I had forgotten what it was like to try and kill that first animal.  He shot at three different bucks before enough lead had been slung downhill that he was calmer.  He did great.  This has lead me to the observation that I need to install a flood light on the chicken coop that is directed at the skinning pole!  Much better than skinning it by pickup headlights.  I would only turn the light on when needed. We are trying to keep our electricity bill and light pollution to a minimum.  So another project for next year.  A much needed project, and one that will let me add a light in the nest box area of the coop.  I get to kill two birds with one stone! 
Upper prime pasture, getting it worked up so it can be replanted.

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