2015 the year of the cow!

Our Christmas babies out and about, they are ready for ear tags and banding. 

It is the year of the cow!  We will be having two cows slaughtered in days and three new babies in early spring and two heifers will be introduced to bull at that time.  I will also be rebuilding our cow sorting pen system.  I am going to make the chute narrower, longer and add in two more smaller square pens off of our existing pen.  I will also be installing all metal gates that swing and operate properly. After that it should not be too hard to sort the cows.  We are at 50% of our heifer goal already.  It may take another 3-4 years to get the rest of the way, but when the cows don’t cost anything but time it is hard to argue with progress.  Two of the original heifers have lost their ear tags.  I need to order some bigger tags and retag them.  The tags I ordered are a little small and hard to read.  One of the new little 6 month old heifers has already torn hers out.  I have no idea how she did it. 

Annmarie and I are talking about a honey bee hive again.  We like the idea and if it could live in the barn even better.  I may even be able to build a little insulated room up on the walkway.  The bees will generate some heat and a insulated room may just be the ticket to keep them warm.  I could even put in a solar exhaust fan for the summer!  Still discussing this option.  My plate is already pretty full not sure I will have time for this.  If our wild hive is still alive in the spring we will put it off another year. 

I have a list of chores on my phone for this year.  It’s up to 15 items already.  I will post it mostly for humor as I am not very good about staying on task.  We will see how many of them I actually get done. 
1.  Level old house.
2.  Fix leak in barn roof.  use lots of silicone caulk.
3.  Put flood lights on chicken coop directed at skinning pole add switch and light to chicken feed storage area.
4.  Tile kitchen counters.
5.  Tile kitchen backsplash.
6.  Finish off kitchen window trim.
7.  Install downdraft vent fan in kitchen.
8. Tile top of shower.
9.  Install front yard fence.
10.  Plant orchard grass.
11.  Repair pump electrical conduit.
12.  Fix irrigation pump.
13.  Buttress under house, dining room floor before installing tile. (2016 for sure)
14.  Move river rock to back corner of house near heat pump to slow down erosion.
15.  Make Dam in back barn lot with old concrete pieces from up on top of hill. 
16.  Break out concrete walkway near heat pump that tree is displacing. 
17.  Plant sainfoin test plot.
18.  Fix retractable orchard waterer. 

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