Cow D-day coming soon

Horses by firelight, curious about where the light was emanating.

Fire, finally I was able to burn one of the old wood piles.

I had to sort the cows so the butcher could finally come get the two big boys.  It was a three month wait and I was unable to move the date.  So we had to feed the boys for the last two months.  They eat a lot of food.  Zeke is getting much better with the cows.  He jumps up and grabs them by the horns.  I am not sure why the horns and not the tail, but as long as he moves the cows I don’t care how he does it.  We always have issues about whether Zeke should go left.  The dumb dog is right handed and always wants to go to the right when cornering or turning animals.  I don’t understand it.  We have to have words every time.  It took less than 10 minutes to sort the boys from the two girls and get them both in the square pen.  Pretty dang good for a greenhorn and his dog.  It is amazing to me how much I can do alone with the dog.  There is no way I could have done that alone.  Not with three hours could I have done it.  Zeke has cemented us always having a working dog while we have animals. 

I took the opportunity to light the old wood pile in the barn light on fire.  It was cold, no wind and snow all over all the buildings and ground.  No issues with stray fires starting up.  In five hours it was down to a small ember fire.  This morning it was all out.  That old wood just burns really hot and fast.  I am leaving the huge pile on the hillside for later.  I keep getting people that want to come out and scrounge through and salvage from it.  If anyone can get some use out of it I don’t want to burn it.  I had three different people pass over the pile in the barn lot.  It was good for entertainment value only. 

It is kinda eye catching.

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