Kitchen remodel begins.

I started in on the kitchen yesterday. I bought this screen system and installed it. The cool part is I was able to install a zipper into the plastic. It’s very cool.  I emptied all the kitchen counters and started doing a thorough inspection and layout of the plan.  As with all remodels, I hit a road  bump early.  The kitchen sink is old probably from the fifties and there is no good way to reuse it when I raise the sink on top of the granite tiles.  So, another $500 for a new kitchen sink.  We found one that would fit the same hole and is three inches deeper.  We have the room underneath the cabinet so went with a deeper sink since we don’t have enough room for a double sink. There is always something you don’t think about.  I did buy lots of tools this time so that should not be a problem! I still need to set up the tile cutting area on the breezeporch.  I am going to make a plastic walled room with four more of those fancy poles and put my tile saw in the middle so I can cut tile inside the house. 

It has been cold for last week but is now starting to warm up.  We will have to start watching the back creek.  I always forget how slow remodels are.  I gave Annmarie a 3 week estimate and she always doubles my estimates.  We are cooking on the grill and microwave and eating on our laps in the living room.  Not ideal, so the race is on to get it done!

Fancy plastic wall with zipper door. 

Left side of kitchen.

Right side of kitchen.

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