Water cometh!

Back creek running.

Yesterday, I started in on the kitchen.  I started cutting the hardiboard to lay over the formica.  I had to trim the edges of the counter first.  No easy task.  I tried my new multitool that has a vibrating blade. It is not very fast and it can still cut into the cabinets.  I ended up using my sawzall and then going over the edge with the multitool and then sanding the edge.  Unfortunately, I noticed that the formica was coming up on the edge nearest the wall.  I pried it up a little and ended up getting a two foot section.  I had to peel the whole thing off the countertop.  I then cut and recut and recut the hardiboard to fit perfectly.  When Annmarie came home she asked me if I had noticed the back creek was running.  I had not.  It is warming up above freezing and has been raining for two days straight. 

This means I need to go lift the fences out of the creek.  I went to the upper crossing and found a large weed pile that should have been burned.  I did not know it was there.  Instead, I dug it out all by hand and cleared the obstruction then lifted the fence.  I got the other two crossings then we went out to the barn to feed.  The babies were ready to be banded and tagged.  Annmarie caught lambs and I tagged and banded.  She never wants to inflict pain and enjoys the snuggles before I torture them.  We are now using two rubber bands every time we band the testicles.  I check after I have banded and make sure there are TWO testicles.  Once that was done we let the two mommas and five babies out into the main herd. 

I knew there was one more fence crossing down below the house about half way to the school house but it was dark by then and I figured I would get it in the morning.  So we went back inside, I cooked all our food on the grill (this will be a theme) and then we laid out the counter tiles to see how they would look.  I will need to trim about 1 inch off the back and one side to get them to lay perfectly.  They look great. 

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