Water overfloweth!

A raging back creek now 14 hours later.

Spring, center bottom of picture just above water line.

Spring coming out of dirt wall of creek.

Remember how I said I would just get that last creek crossing in the morning?  Well I should have done it in the dark by flashlight.  Fourteen hours of mountain water runoff can make a small creek go to a very large creek overnight.  To make it worse as I headed down to the “last” crossing I needed to lift I remembered that I had installed another crossing down by the large culvert next to the school house.  I now had my work doubled.  Zeke and I headed down to the crossing it was swollen, backing up the creek by a good 8 inches and pulling on all the panels.  The panels were a good three feet back from the crossing and were doing a fine imitation of a balloon.  I had metal snaps holding three panels all together.  I could not reach the bottom ones.  I had leaned out over the bank and was holding onto the panels to stay out of the water when my right foot slipped and I ended up in water six inches past my knee.  This allowed to me reach farther and other than swearing caused me no pain.  Twenty minutes later my left leg was still dry but I could not hold the panels and unsnap them at the same time, the water was too strong.  I said a few epitaphs and stuck my left foot in the water!  Another 20 minutes later and I managed to move the panels out of the way.  A flashlight in the dark would have been better.  We headed down to the second crossing.  On the way there I spotted a spring coming out of the dirt embankment.  I don’t usually walk down this side of the creek so I am not sure if it is always there or we are just so water logged that it sprouted.  There are several springs all along the creek length so it would not surprise me if this is usually here.  The second crossing was very easy I just waded in and unhooked one side. 

I went back to house and got more tools for tile job, went upstairs on breeze porch and setup my tile cutting plastic enclosed room.  I also had to put on a new blade for my tile saw.  I could not get the old one loose.  A trip to the shed, a pair of vice grips and an hour later and the saw has a brand new diamond blade.  I cut all the tiles for the countertop and have them fitted.  I need to label them and break out the mastic.  I also brought in my six foot level so I could keep them level as they are installed.  On a side note, as I was bringing in more tools I noticed that I had forgot to turn off the grill last night.  It never ends, there is always something…

Falling into the creek is cold. 

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