Counter progress is happening.

One counter backsplash up and stuck to wall.

New kitchen sink came in three days!

I made good progress in the morning and got the backsplash on the left side of the kitchen.  The mastic was much better after using the drill and paint mixer, consistency and stickiness was improved.  I spent all afternoon taking down the sheetrock from around the window.  This created a half inch deficit to the window that now needs to be filled in.  I only have 1/4 inch hardiboard.  Now I need a trip to the hardware store to get 1/2 inch if they make it.  Otherwise, its two layers. 

Our kitchen sink was delivered today.  I walked out on the front porch and there it was.  I ordered it on Sunday evening and it was at our doorstep on Wednesday afternoon.  If anyone doesn’t believe that is amazing they need to move to a big city. 

No new baby sheep.  We keep looking every day.  My chickens don’t like the weather swings.  I have only gotten 2-3 eggs/day the last few days.  They need to figure it out so we can have eggs. 

Framing out window and putting in tile rest so I can tile above window.

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