Window progress

I realize it doesn’t look like a lot, but that is over two hours work to cut the wonder board and all the wooden boards.  I installed them and leveled all the ledge boards that the tiles will sit on while the mastic sets up.  I only had to add one permanent spacer board. I want the tile edges near the window to be perfectly lined up as the wooden window trim will be sitting on it. I plan on using a piece of discarded wooden trim that was the wrong width from when we sheathed the beams, seven years ago.  I knew that piece of trim would come in handy eventually.  I managed to squeeze in a little work on the kitchen before going to the paying job!  
We got the weights for the two cows we had processed, their carcass weights were 341# and 326#.  Perfect weight for what we want. Carcass weight is usually less than 50% of the live animal. Some animals and breeds give a better carcass weight/live weight ratio.  Our sheep are over 50%.  So one cow was sold.  We won’t have beef again for approximately 22 months. On a plus note, in April there will be five breeding cows and three more newborn calves.    The cow herd is growing slowly. It’s much cheaper to do it slow.   
Window ready for tile.

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