Window casing in place.

I put all the pieces up around the window today.  I mixed too much mastic.  I had been doing so good and just mixing a little bit more than I needed.  I think the real key was I was mixing the same amount every time and this time the job was too small.  I need to tear into the countertop now.  Unfortunately, I need to break out the sawzall and multitool and I don’t want the walls to vibrate until those tiles are dry!  Tomorrow will be soon enough to tear out the sink, cut the countertop and install all the hardiboard.  If I can get all that done tomorrow then I can even start laying out the granite tile.  Unfortunately, my paying jobs are interfering with the remodel.  But, I am going to throw down this prediction, I will be done with the tiling by next week.  I had given a work estimate of three weeks but the downdraft fan is going to be hard.  Lots of measuring and calculating.  I have the rough design in my head.  I pickup the exhaust fan on Wednesday.  Once I can open the box and lay my hands on the fan it will be easier to picture what needs to be done. 

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