Is spring really coming?

I have started in on the second countertop.  There was lots of dust as. I trimmed with the sawzall, mutitool and sander.  I zipped my plastic door shut, turned on vacuum cleaner and opened a window. This minimized the amount of dust I had to breathe.  After everything was cleaned up I went outside and cut a couple of pieces of hardiboard. I am going to try and use three large pieces of hardiboard. 
I am hoping this will minimize the flex in the countertop. Tomorrow, I will tear out the kitchen sink and finish installing all of the hardiboard.  I will put the sink in place and cut the hole. My hope is it will drop right into the preexisting cutout. I am not holding out for that as remodel reality will surely rear it’s ugly head.  My goal, ambitious I admit, is to have all the tile work done by Sunday night. I may not have it grouted as I want the mastic to dry for two days before applying grout. 
It is good to have a goal!  You can see our paint chip cards taped to the cupboard doors. We are starting to zero in on our favorite colors. My new idea is to paint the entire kitchen. I think it needs to happen, if not now, then when we paint the cupboards. 
The weather is amazing!  It feels like spring. I stepped outside and saw 15 pheasants all down by the creek and flying around. I saw our red tailed hawk fly by the house and the grass is starting to green up  .  I could plant the upper four acre pasture but the weather is so screwy I don’t want the grass seed to sprout then get a hard freeze. Soi am going to hold off.  We had another baby lamb.  We have had three single births out of the last four.  Not sure why the sheep are not getting the, twins are needed, memo. 
I cleaned out the shoe closet downstairs and found an old .22 LR.  It has a little rust on the barrel and neds a new butt plate. It is amazing to me that after all these years we still find stuff hidden throughout the house!  I will clean up the gun and get the barrel reblued. So weird 
other counter to be tiled. 

trim job done, hardiboard getting installed.

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