Nutella or peanut butter?

The age old question about which is better Nutella or peanut butter?  Is still not answered. I put four mouse traps in the chicken coop feed area, two with Nutella and two with peanut butter. Two traps were sprung and two mice died valiantly for this scientific study, one was Nutella and one was peanut butter!  No scientific conclusion could be drawn and I am hoping my subject pool has been eliminated!  This may have to become an ongoing study. [nutella-1; peanut butter-1]
The alpaca are getting very used to us. I fed yesterday then just stood next to the feeder in the middle talking to myself. Whenever I try and tame down an animal I always talk a lot. It helps. They learn to recognize your voice and realize good things come from that fabulous person. Everyone crowded around me to eat some hay. I have no idea why they want the hay there is plenty of pasture. There is one white alpaca that is worse for the wear. He has two bloody ears and is covered in grass vomit/spit. I would feel sorry for him but he initiates most of the fighting. 
We are almost out of hay.  I fed the last large bale to the cows two days ago. When the cows get that all cleaned up I will move them down to the schoolhouse pasture. We need another two months before we turn the heifers loose with the bull and main cow herd. They are back on heat, the bull has pushed my metal poles over almost 18 inches.  I had to go straighten them yesterday.  I will try and get two wooden posts in this weekend. 
My big plan for the week is to get the oven custom cabinet built and the oven wired in and operational!  That will make me popular around the house again. I wanted to bake some potatoes yesterday and had to zap them in the microwave, it is not the same. 
I had another hen die!  I have no clue as to why this is happening. I am going to have to get baby chicks. I am thinking another dozen. I will swing by the farm supply store tomorrow. 

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