Fancy Fencing.

There is no doubt that I will be fencing this year.  I build fence every year!  In about five more years I should have most of the new fence installed and the old stuff all fixed.  This is a pretty short time frame, but I am hopeful it won’t take any longer.  Annmarie and I have been discussing our new fence we want to install out by the parked cars.  This will allow us to tear out the front chain link fence and create a larger front yard.  Not that we need more lawn to mow, but it will let me finish the rock wall and keep the cows out of our front spring.  I want to plant some grapes along the water and everyone loves to eat grape leaves.  It will also make herding the cows easier as they cannot go down and hide near the creek.  This will give them a fence to follow directly into the square pen.  Should be a lot easier to get them into the pen, in theory. 

Annmarie really wants an all metal twisted and spiked fancy fence.  I cannot weld and we are unwilling to fork out the cash for a custom fence right now.  This is one more reason for me to take the welding class at BMCC.  She also said I could not build my new century sign holder out of old gears until I learn to weld.  I also want to make a small used fencing post holding area so the posts can be stored upright out of used metal scraps.  None of that can happen until I learn to weld.  It is starting to move up high on the priority list.  I will have to enlist the aid of my fellow coworkers so I can get those two evenings a week off for an entire school year. 

Since that option was not really possible we looked at several others.  Looked at is a loose term, we did look at pictures on the internet and a couple I doodled onto a notepad.  There was more give and take in the process about how hard it would be to build or the cost.  Annmarie wanted a fence with pickets sandwiched between 1×4.  This would mean I would need to install six inch posts and carve out the slot for the fence rails to slide into.  It is doable but a lot of work.  We ended up on choosing to continue our bridge theme.  Create fence that looks like our railing.  Now this was the original plan when we installed the bridge three years ago.  So we didn’t really choose something new we just came back to an old idea.  Funny how those things happen.  I want to get started on this soon, but we need a kitchen oven before it can happen.  I am starting to miss the oven and Annmarie missed it on day one!  Today is the day for constructing my new kitchen oven cupboards. 

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