Kitchen progress.

Cabinet in place and oven in its home!

It’s hard to believe we spent eight hours today working on getting the oven in place.  All we had to do was shove it in place and run a little wire.  Well, it was not quite that easy.  I made Phil crawl under the house and tried to drill a hole through the floor and almost caught the house on fire.  There was so much smoke I had to throw a cup of water into the wall just to appease my sense of safety.  Luckily, there was another hole already present so we used it.  Once the wire was all run I went to wire the panel and realized I forgot to go get a 220V 20A breaker.  I had to make trip to town for the breaker while Phil cleaned up the orchard and created another burn pile.  Fire is the greatest cleanup tool we have.  Once back we finished the wiring in short order and attempted to get the cabinet in place.  I did say that I measured everything three times before I cut it?  We had to push and push and wiggle and apply a few hundred pounds of effort to get the cabinet in an inch at a time.  Once in place we had to shim it level.  We only knocked off a little plaster off the wall on one side.  I was running out of time as I had an appointment this afternoon so we slid the stove in after removing the door and various pieces.  The oven fit perfectly, as if I had built the cabinet just for it!  It was perfect and I was grateful. 

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