Pump power is back!

Oven cabinet is ready to set up and then trim face.  Power needs to be ran first.

Bunch grass is spray resistant so plowing was implemented.

It was a day for the kitchen cabinet.  I had a paid helper come over so we could finish the cabinet.  I needed some last minute design input from Annmarie before she went to the Tricities.  We decided to slide the side shelving back 6 inches so it is only 18 inches deep, and even on both sides.  I was thinking about making all three shelves a different depth and all three with different size doors, that idea was vetoed, and both sides are identical.  This plan change meant we had to rip down a bunch of plywood to 18 inch widths.  The outside weather was miserable,
cold raining and windy.  The perfect day to be outside trying to cut finish wood!

 We started in first thing and I was already distracted from calling the power company, like I had promised to do.  Annmarie texted me around 0930 and I called immediately.  I gave them my address and told them the problem.  They were very polite and helpful on the phone.  A service rep came out to the house three hours later.  I went out and told him where the problem was and how to get in to the lower pasture.  He went down and fixed the wire!  One hour later there was power at the pump.  We had to run to the hardware store for screws so we stopped to check out the repair.  I fired up the irrigation pump and it the motor ran, the pump shaft turned but no water came out.  I didn’t bother to bring anything to prime the pump.  Now we just need to dig out the mud, change two valves on the line and lay out all the sprinkler pipe!  I am super stoked about irrigating this year.  I will call the power company and get the power bill changed over to our name next week.  Once the pump is up and going then we can get someone to come out and repair the retractable sprinkler. Its looking up! 

Future green house.

We spent ten hours today getting the cabinet all put together.  It was not easy.  It kept wanting to be off by 1/8 of an inch.  It had to be poked, prodded, clamped, pushed, pulled, shimmed and sworn at to get it all together.  I had to keep measuring diagonals to ensure we were not tweaking it.  I will be the first to admit that I am not a cabinet maker.  I much prefer building things for the shop and barn.  Way easier and way faster.  I only had one board in the wrong place by 3/4 inch and had to move it, not bad for ten hours of work.  We marked the spot for the power box to be installed.  Tomorrow we run power and then slide the cabinet between the walls to keep it stable.  Once there I will finish the face and then sand and stain it in place. After it is all dry we will slide it the six inches back against the wall. 

Yesterday, we drove to Hermiston and picked up eight more windows for the green house.  I am getting stoked about having one.  I have enough windows for all three sides.  I want to buy the greenhouse plastic sheets for the upper roof.  It will be on a slant and I am afraid the hail will break the old glass windows.  I remember as a kid we had a hothouse made of old windows and the hail broke every window.  I just need to work up a size and better plan.  I know I want a heat sink to run the whole back of the green house four feet deep and the entire height of the back wall.  I will fill it with old tires and rocks and paint the back wall black.  It can absorb heat/energy during the day and give it off all night. I also want to dig it down at least two feet maybe three feet into the ground for the same reason.  My heat sink will go all the way to the floor.  I want the wood to be all cedar so it can withstand the moisture.  I want spring operated vents but am considering running one power line to it from the chicken coop and installing a DC converter and running DC vent fans and vent louver motors.  I could run automatic watering valves also!  Still thinking about this version. 

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