Chickens are here!

Baby chicken time!

It is that time of the year again, and I don’t mean Easter.  It just happened to be coincidence we have baby chicks in the dining room for Easter dinner.  I bought 6 buff brahma and 6 dark brahma chicks.  Between chicks, feed and bedding I just about spent my accrued profit to date.  Unfortunately, they won’t be productive for 6-8 months.  When they get so noisy we cannot hear the television I will put them out in the baby area in the chicken coop.  That criteria has been working well for us. 

I needed to get out and exercise again today.  I like things to get accomplished when I exercise.  It is why it is so hard to do at home.  My solution to this is the back rock wall.  When I need to exercise I use it as a form of therapy and exercise.  There is something relaxing about building something simple and massive.  I use a shovel and an old heavy duty T post as a pry bar.  Some of those boulders were buried pretty far in the ground.  I managed to snag five huge boulders out of the ground and get them in place.  Soon I will have to fire up the tractor to drag in some dirt behind the rock wall.  But for now it is just digging up rocks and building up the wall. 

rocks finding new home

I had a stash of rocks on the West side of the creek from when I had the tires stacked for planters.  The rocks stayed when the planters got torn out.  I started tossing them to the opposite side of the stream to be used in the future rock wall.  This cleans up the West side and gets me more rocks for the East side.
I need some new glasses soon, I can hardly see the rock chucks up on the back hill side with naked eyes.  The closing of PGG is still haunting me.  I tried to buy used railroad ties for building fencing in Pendleton and D & B does not have any, maybe 3-6 months!  That will not help me get the corral installed.  They do have a bunch of gates in different sizes and weights.  I priced the material from them needed for the new corral pens. 

Upper shelf worked on today.

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