Cabinet casualties.

stove cabinets stained, they look great.

Yesterday, I tore into my vacation work and sanded then stained the new kitchen shelves.  The color is just right and the oak plywood turned out great.  Both of us are very happy with the outcome.  After a couple of hours staining I was starting to get a little headache and buzz.  There was one small detail I forgot about.  The baby chicks were in the dining room.  Two of them croaked in the first hour.  I guess we know why miners carried canaries down into the mines.  They don’t do toxic fumes well.  I moved the chicks up to the breeze porch and opened all the windows.  Another one died in the next four hours.  My mother volunteered to watch the babies at her house.  So we took them over last night, maybe they will have a fighting chance.  As of tonight there are only four left out of the dozen and one was looking a little off.  I don’t know that any will survive. I am going to have to order more.  I did not even think about the chicks when I started staining. 
Pallet of layer pellets.

Sarah and I went to town for more chicken food.  She had picked up 12 bags of food during the BiMart sale and I wanted more.  Turns out they were shipped too many pallets of layer pellets.  I got to buy a whole pallet at the sale price!  A great deal for all involved.  Sarah and I loaded it into the pickup and then went to go pickup gates and cow panels for the new cow sorting chute and pens.  We could not get the small gates for the chute area.  Everything else but railroad ties are stacked and ready to go.  Its hard to believe that railroad ties or the lack thereof are going to be my single biggest hindrance.  Crazy problem.  So be on the lookout for 20-30 railroad ties, cause I need them. 
layer pellets in pickup.

Gates and cow panels for cow pens.

The pickup pulled the whole load no problem.  I love the V-10 engine. 

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