More gates needed.

New gates into the upper wheat field done.

Back of chicken coop cleaned and storage organized.

2300# of layer pellets!

Today was another day spent working on the farm.  Phil and I vacuumed out and cleaned out the entire back half of the chicken coop.  We organized and made room for 2600# of chicken food.  I did actually drive the pickup around to the chicken coop so we didn’t have to pack it all across the bridge.  I spread out 14 of the poison packs all around the area in the hopes that I can keep the mice out of a years worth of chicken food.  The coop is much cleaner and I can now find the things I need. 

We then went out and worked on the new 36 foot gate area into the upper wheat field. The equipment needs to go through the middle of the property for ease of access.  The old stretch fence was not working as the bull was hooking it with his horns and then walking over it.  We had to tear up the metal T-posts that I had used to keep the bull inside.  We shrunk the opening and installed a new H brace.  I had to go pull up two other old rail road ties that were no longer in use.  I tried using a figure 8 tightening wire with high tension wire and a inline tightener.  It took me a while trying to tighten it with a pry bar to realize that the 8 pointed star was really the receptacle for a 1/2 inch drive ratchet.  Once I used the ratchet it was easy to tighten.  I read about this in a book and the best part is you can retighten it after the fence is in place annually.  I cannot do that if I use smooth wire and twist with a board.  I am getting faster at the fencing and gates.  We had the entire fence and gates done in 3.5 hours.  I am also now setting all posts in gravel.  I am hoping it makes them more secure. 

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