Baby chickens round 2!

Another dozen babies.

Well we did it again, more baby chickens.  I had to make up for killing ten of the first dozen by asphyxiation.  Saturday, Annmarie went in to town and picked up the babies I had ordered.  I brought the brooder back into the house and put it in the dining room.  The two live chicks from the first batch are now out in the chicken coop in the baby area.  They can even go outside into the baby Fort Knox grassy area if they so desire.  Basically, its a  baby chicken paradise.  I sprayed more weeds on Saturday, another 100 gallons of 2-4-D for a total applied this year of 425 gallons.  I had Annmarie pick me up some Milestone, which is a different chemical herbicide that will kill the thistles.  They are holding out and look like they might survive their chemical warfare battle.  I upped the ante and got a better poison. 

I need to let the 2-4-D work so I am taking a break from the spraying for a couple of weeks.  I am moving on to the corral.  I drove over to Hermiston today looking for 24 inch metal gates to go inside my cow chute.  No such luck, it is looking like I may have to have them custom made!  This sucks, but it might just have to happen.  I found railroad ties.  Amazingly Payless lumber still had quite a few.  I picked up two bundles for a total of 32.  I calculated the corral could be built with 30, not a lot of wiggle room but I think I can make it work.  I need to clear all the grass and break out the tape measure and string and mark the entire pattern out on the ground then I can use spray paint and mark all the gates and holes.  Once the holes are marked I will hook up the post hole digger to the tractor and dig them.  I want to disassemble the existing enclosure so I can reset all the posts in gravel.  This will also make it easier to shrink the chute width.  I have a friend coming over next week to help out and I would like to be able to set all the posts on that day.  I will need another load of gravel brought in also.  It will need to be ordered tomorrow so there is plenty on hand.  I stopped and picked up some flexible drain hose also.  I will get Phil to dig a drainage ditch in the barn lot by the horses enclosure.  This will necessitate some gutters but I think it will help keep the mud down immensely.
Zeke has a front leg injury and has been limping for several days.  We have been forcing him to be inactive and keeping him on the overhead run so he cannot roam the place.  He has not been impressed.  The limp is getting better. 

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