Spraying progressing

The two survivors.

I finally went and picked up the two surviving chickens from my mother’s house.  They are very big and would have gone to the coop sooner but there is only two of them.  My dozen new baby replacements should be here this week.  I needed the brooder box for the new babies. 

I sprayed more weeds today.  I got the upper prime pasture finished.  Now I just need to spot spray a few places and start working on the lower pastures down by the school house.  Two more days might get it done.  Unfortunately, my paying job is going to get in the way again of my home job.  So I will try and squeeze it in as soon as I have some time off.  I spotted all five female cows today but no bull.  Annmarie, myself and the dog jumped into the pickup and drove down to the school house pasture.  There he was standing next to the fence near the road hollering at the pasture full of bulls.  We left his small dumb self down there.  He is lifting the fence over the back creek.  I need to put some anchors on each side of the creek and join them with a large board and then tighten them with cable.  I can then make a rigid crossing out of panels as they will have something they can be attached to stiffen them.  Until that time, the bull just uses them as gates.  I sprayed another 100 gallons of spray today for a grand total of 325 gallons used so far. 

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