Fence work progressing.


Storm, brought flood warnings and lots of rain.

Yesterday was a productive day, despite the weather.  It has rained every day for the last six days.  The cheat grass and weeds are loving it.  I have been out of commission because my mistress, lady tractor, has been broken.  I need to mow, remove the old corral, fix the barn lot culvert, gravel in the drain pipe for the barn and drill all the holes for the new corral and drag the driveway flat again, all of which require some mistress assistance.  Thankfully, the repair shop called and got a hold of me to let me know that it was repaired!  This was great news!
A couple of my coworkers came out to the house to help me do some work and spend time visiting.  My father just died this week and they are being good friends.  Without the tractor the available jobs has diminished so we worked on installing a gate between the orchard and the ram pasture.  It just had a cut piece of cow panel with three clips on one side and an old rusty chain on the other.  Not very sturdy or easy to open in any semblance of short time.  When we were throwing the railroad ties into the pickup I remembered to add in a piece of cow panel that had been formed into a circle.  We could use it around the rose bush on the back hillside.  The sheep keep pushing in on my loose fence and eating whatever they can reach.  I had Carmel go wrestle the old wire off and put the wire cage around the bushes.  By the time she came back over she had a nice big hickey on the right side of her neck.  She blamed it on the rose bush getting amorous.  The weather was just starting to roll in as we finished up.  It started raining so hard I actually felt sorry for the horses and turned them loose in the barn lot.  This lets them get into the old lambing shed.  The water was running into the lambing shed because I have lowered the dirt in front of it.  I had to go out into the rain and dig a small trench to divert the water away from the barn.  Once the animals were taken care of I went and picked up my mistress!  She is on the trailer ready to work!  Now if only the weather will cooperatae. 
New H-brace and real gate for the orchard to ram pasture connection. 

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