Mowing progressing

The tractor is holding together!  I have mowed for two days straight and the weld is still intact.  I managed to knock down the cheat grass around the house. The field that needed grass seed planted is a weed jungle.  The 2-4-D killed some things dead but the thistle was not one of them. I will mow it back to the ground then hit it with milestone when it starts to grow again. After that kills the weeds I will disc it all under. Yesterday I saw a hundred voles at least.  Four baby killdeer running around and momma trying to distract me, some quail and a rooster pheasant. I don’t mind sitting on the tractor for hours at a time but the dust is awful. It gets everywhere!  I don’t hit as many rocks as I use too but from looking at the mower deck you would never believe it.  

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