Going it alone.

Wire panels in place.

I was very tired the other day after getting off of a grueling shift at work.  I had only slept a few hours but just could not make myself go lie down.  Instead I spent a few hours out in the heat installing all the metal panels in the corral.  It was something I could do alone and be fairly efficient.  There are some tasks I can do alone they just take four times as long to do them alone.  The panels make the corral look like a corral.  You can see the animal flow and it is starting to make sense.  I did eventually go inside and take a nice long nap!  I bought some cable to go across the top of the railroad ties on either side of the chute.  I don’t want the thing spreading out over time due to the animals bouncing around on the walls.  Annmarie and I are still discussing how I should install the cable so the posts won’t turn when force is applied to one side of the wall. 

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