Corral posts in place!

Finally, a major step done.  We got all the posts set in gravel. Luckily, we had enough gravel left as my ordered delivery was delayed twice and won’t be here till Thursday. We only had to do over one hole it needed to be moved a paltry 4 inches.  It took us almost an hour to move that hole!  There was a huge rock in the way. It did not want to come out of the ground. I kept trying to remember to bring out the gates to make sure we got the spacing correct.  Nope, I forgot one. Instead of the opening being 10 ft 2 in wide it was 10 ft 8 in, too wide.  Instead of ripping it out and spending an hour fixing it I will just have a custom gate made. Packy was already going to construct two others so a third addition will be easy.  I can use the already purchased gate elsewhere on the farm. We even cleaned up all the tools. I figure three more days go get the corral cone. Once we are done I will have Packy come out and measure for the custom gates. I want to make bird houses to go on top of all the posts. I hope the birds actually use them. 
Spring storms have continued unabated. 

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